Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hitting the Trails

Ahhhh, how I love the great outdoors! I am fortunate to live very close to a mountain with some awesome trails. I've been walking here for awhile and have all kinds of different routes mapped out. It's so peaceful, so calming and a great workout! And the days I hit these trails, I always meet my Fitbit quota for the day!  Today, I was lucky to have this handsome hiking partner with me. And we stopped for a #fistsup selfie. ;)

It's easy to look back on my life and wonder if I could've prevented this cancer diagnosis. My grandma had colon cancer. But she was diagnosed at 74 - not 45! She fought it and passed just about 4 months ago at 95 (not from cancer). So I know if she beat it so can I! I think about all of the times over the years that I didn't exercise consistently, ate processed food, was addicted to sugar and diet sodas, the countless nights I didn't get enough sleep, and the times I would let stress get the better of me. I wish I could go back and change all of that. It's a little embarrassing considering I have my Master's degree in Nutrition! But, life happens. And it's so easy as a mom to put yourself on the back burner and take care of everyone except yourself. (But come on, look at that handsome dude above that I have to show for it....) I'm grateful to be here now and plan to continue my healthy lifestyle. 

I'm thrilled to get the go ahead from my doctors to continue exercising and taking my Plexus supplements. So grateful that last spring I decided to really focus on my health again. My hope is that I can continue to inspire others along their health journey, their faith journey, and in life. I know I plan on cherishing every moment I have!

Happy trails!

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