Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ring the Bell - Radiation DONE!

Ahhhhhhh! I did it! I'm all finished with radiation!! Tears! Last chemo pills will be with dinner! In a couple of weeks the side effects should subside and I'll feel more like myself again. My Radiation Oncologist and his staff were amazing!

I had to give the techs a little gift - silly socks to remember me by and hand sanitizer because they had to touch my butt. They had a good laugh over that! My crafty friends will appreciate my handmade tags:

When I finished my last treatment, the staff all lined up in the hallway and I got to ring the bell! I had no idea there was a bell to ring! I walked past that thing 25 times - how did I never notice it before?! Oh and I had my handsome chauffeur again today which was awesome. 

I'll have another scan in January to hopefully show this ugly thing has shrunk down to nothing. Now I have 8-12 weeks of rest and recovery before surgery. I'm going to enjoy this next phase and try not to worry about what's to come. God's got this.

Thank you again to all of my prayer warriors. Your prayers and sweet messages help get me through!

Oh happy day!!


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