Thursday, June 25, 2015

And my weight loss journey begins {again}

Why in the world would I want to discuss my weight issues on my {crafty} blog for anyone and everyone to see?  Call me crazy.  But maybe the journaling aspect of it will help me break through the barriers. Maybe it will help to hold myself accountable.  And just maybe, this will resonate with a reader out there and help them along their journey to a healthier lifestyle. (And am I 100% sure I'm going to hit that "publish" button? No. It's kind of scary...)

On January 1st, 2015, I stepped onto the scale weighing more than when I was 9 months pregnant. I wanted to cry. I knew it was time to do something. My husband and I made our usual New Year's resolution to get healthy, exercise and lose weight. This was going to be our year…

Most of my "fat" pictures have been deleted or cropped and filtered.  {tell me I'm not the only one that has done this} But I found this unedited photo from 2014 to share:

Look at that handsome boy.  Do I want to be an unhealthy, tired, inactive mom for him?  Well I had become just that and not the role model I wanted to be.  :(

My hubby and I started out doing pretty well in the new year. We made healthier food choices. We made a conscious effort to eat out less. We tracked what we ate in the My Fitness Pal app. And, I got a gym membership. I'd lose a couple of pounds and then gain a pound back. It was a vicious cycle and not a very encouraging one. What little progress I made was impossible to keep off. I'd track what I ate on the "good" days and intentionally "forget" on the bad days. Oh and that gym membership had yet to be used. Fast forward a few months to spring break in April. We took the family on a cruise. (You know, I was going to be minus 20 pounds by now!) We had a great vacation and the boys loved it. But I sure didn't feel good in a bathing suit or even in sleeveless sundresses for that matter. I was too self-conscious to participate in water sports. And got winded going up more than a couple flights of stairs. And then there was this:

Seriously though, I know it's not about body parts and physical appearance but I was a mess. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 10 years ago and had sluggish adrenals. I'd been working closely with my physician to get my thyroid levels under control but still felt exhausted, puffy, moody and unable to lose weight.

And do you know what's really bad?  I'm a registered dietitian.  Yep, I have a Master's degree in Nutrition.  I worked for years counseling clients and teaching nutrition classes.  I helped people lose weight, eat healthy and follow special diets for specific disease states.  And here I found myself in my mid-40's, 40 pounds overweight, unhappy about it and I couldn't even help myself.

We came home from our cruise and booked another one for next year. This time, I will get healthy for me before I step foot on that cruise ship. I have a year. I can do it.

To be continued...

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