Thursday, November 24, 2016

Check Your Colon

I'm sharing this text message with permission from one of my besties from high school. I've actually kept a list of the people that have told me they went and got a colonoscopy because of me. This text made me cry.

This is one of the main reasons I share my story. If it can help one person get detected early, it's worth it. The surgeon told me my tumor has likely been slow growing for 5-10 years. (Hello? That's when I was 35 or 40!) And how lucky am I that I've spent the past year and a half working on my health so I can fight this disease. I've read that colorectal cancer prevalence at an earlier age is increasing drastically. The screening age should be much earlier than 50. So don't forget to check your colon! Oh how I wish I had done it sooner! 14 people have told me so far that they have scheduled a colonoscopy because of hearing my story. Who else?! I continue to be amazed by God's hand in this.

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