Thursday, September 22, 2016

God's Thumbprint

I'm back again with more scripture that I've been circling and some good news! Today, I left the Cancer Center humming at the thought that I might only have stage 3 colorectal cancer! Crazy, right?

The MRI's confirmed what the PET scan showed. No cancer in liver, lung or bone!! It did show a lesion on my liver that they're calling a "vessel anomaly." I'm calling it God's thumbprint! it showed a "slightly predominant lymph node" so that can't rule out involvement there just yet. But praying that it's just a reactive lymph node and not indicative of disease. (I stole those terms from my surgeon friend). They won't know for sure about the lymph nodes until after surgery. But, this is still much better than we thought this time last week. I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and radiation therapy on Tuesday to better determine the next steps. But, it looks like we might be back to the chemo pill and radiation for 5-6 weeks, rest for 6-8 weeks and then surgery. God is so good. Praising his healing hand that it is not stage 4! Stage 2 or 3?? Easy Peasy. We've got this.

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